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Opalescent Wash

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Grateful thanks, and acknowledgments to:

The Public Records Office, Kew, London
for all original historical source material.

David Thurston, Photographer

Government Information Service, Hong Kong

The following publications have been of great value to my research:

Foreign Office Records, Public Records Office, Kew, London

The Story of the Nations, China, by Prof. Robert K. Douglas
Published 1899 by T. Fisher Unwin

The New Penny Magazine Annuals,
Published 1898 - 1900, by Cassell and Company Ltd.

Twilight in the Forbidden City, by Reginald F. Johnston
Published 1934 by Victor Gollancz Ltd.

A History of Hong Kong by G.B. Endacott
Published 1958 by Oxford University Press (China) Ltd.

Hong Kong 1862 - 1919,
Published 1975 by Hong Kong University Press

A History of Hong Kong, by Frank Welsh
Published 1997 by HarperCollins Publishers

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