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Pictures 25 - 30

25. Wheatsheaves

Stacked pages of the Lease document, overlaid with the signatures of Lord Salisbury, British Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, and his Chinese counterpart, Lofênghih, Special Imperial Representative for British Affairs. (Convention of Peking 1898)

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26. Tapestry Blend

Calligraphic signatures of Li Hung-Chang and Hsu Ting-Kuei, members of the Tsungli Yamen or Chinese Foreign Office, merged with the map depicting the area to be extended under lease and set against the silk brocade cover with which the Chinese version of the Lease document was bound. (Convention of Peking 1898)

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27. Intermingling Threads

Cover of the Ratification of the Convention, blended with the first page of the lease in English outlining the agreement of extension of territory under lease for 99 years, with the page setting out the alteration of tariffs from the Treaty of Nanking. (Treaty of Nanking 1898 and Convention of Peking 1898)

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28. Amber Vellum

Final signatory double page signed, sealed and chopped by Sir Henry Pottinger, Her Majesty's Plenipotentiary, and three Chinese Imperial Emissaries, Elepoo, Newchien and Keying: Article 3, ceding Hong Kong to Britain"in perpetuity"is superimposed on the image. (Treaty of Nanking 1842)

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29. Silken Fragments

Extract from the page ratifying the Convention, combined with the chop verifying dates, against a fragment from the Treaty of Nanking agreeing terms of payment between the two countries, China and Great Britain.

(Treaty of Nanking 1842 and Convention of Peking 1898)

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30. Stone Tracery

A background of extracts from both English and Chinese texts relating to the agreements between the two countries, featuring the date of the signing and endorsed with the purple chop of the Special Imperial Representative for British Affairs, Lofênghih. (Treaty of Nanking 1842 and Convention of Peking 1898)

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