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Pictures 19 - 24

19. Script and Inscription

The signature of Sir Henry Pottinger, Her Majesty's Plenipotentiary, with the Seal of Office, against a background of the final signatory double page signed by all the Plenipotentiaries for the Emperor Kwang Hsü. (Treaty of Nanking 1842)

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20. Aquarelle Strands

Main agreement between the British and Chinese relating to the substance and dates of the agreement, merged with the signature and seal of Sir Claude Macdonald, British Minister, and the calligraphic signatures and chop of Li Hung-Chang and Hsu Ting-Kuei, members of the Tsungli Yamen or Chinese Foreign Office. (Convention of Peking 1898)

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21. Lines and Lineage

The chop of the Emperor Taou Kwang merged with the Emperor's Imperial Autographic reply as testified by Rob Morrison, British Foreign Office Chinese Secretary and Interpreter. (Treaty of Nanking 1842)

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22. Figured Satin

Calligraphic signatures of the Chinese Plenipotentiaries, or Emissaries to the Great Ching Empire, Elepoo, Newchien and Keying, overlaying the chop of Emperor Taou Kwang. (Treaty of Nanking 1842)

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23. Icefloe Contours

Chinese Ratification of the agreement and conditions, set against the map delineating the area to be leased for 99 years. (Convention of Peking 1898)

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24. Pasture and Clay

The chop of the Tsungli Yamen, or Chinese Foreign Office, bearing the signatures of its two representatives, Li Hung-Chang and Hsu Ting-Kuei, against a background of the map showing the proposed extension of new territory. (Convention of Peking 1898).

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