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Pictures 13 - 18

13. Opening Chapters

Article 3 from the Treaty, which cedes Hong Kong 'in perpetuity' alongside the first page of the Lease extending the territory by lease for ninety nine years, and the whole image overlaid with the final signatory page of the Treaty, signed by the Plenipotentiaries of both countries. (Treaty of Nanking 1842 and Convention of Peking 1898)

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14. Opalescent Wash

The main pages from the Convention, merged with the cover of the British Foreign Office document and the Chinese verification by chop of the agreed dates. (Convention of Peking 1898)

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15. Sandstone and Ochre

Calligraphic signatures of Li Hung-Chang and Hsu Ting-Kuei, members of the Chinese Foreign Office, fused with the page authorizing both them and Sir Claude Macdonald to represent their countries and sovereigns in this agreement. (Convention of Peking 1898)

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16. Watermark

The chop of Lofênghih, Special Imperial Representative for British Affairs and Chinese counterpart to Lord Salisbury, carrying the authority of the Emperor. (Convention of Peking 1898)

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17. Brocade Broadcloth

The chop of the Emperor Kwang Hsü, blended with the brocade covering of the Chinese version of the Convention and Chinese text relating to conditions of the agreement and its Ratification. (Convention of Peking 1898)

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18. Terracotta Shade

Mixture of the main seals, chops and signatures from both documents and featuring the first page of the Convention, granting an extension of territory under lease for ninety nine years. (Treaty of Nanking 1842 and Convention of Peking 1842)

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