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"Script and Inscription", from the series.

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Chinese Calligraphy - calligraphy of the Masters. Wonderful site.
The Chinese writing system - interesting page, links to many related topics.
Chinese Calligraphy, Styles - JiaGuWen, Zhuan Shu (JinWen included), Li Shu, Kai Shu, Xing Shu, and Cao Shu.
Oracle Inscriptions - carvings, considered to be the earliest written language of China.
Chinese Art Resources On-The-Net - examples of Chinese calligraphy and painting.
The Origin and Evolution of Chinese Writing Styles - a good general round-up of calligraphy in Chinese culture.
Chinese Calligraphy Bibliography - English language books available.
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Cynscribe - Compilation of over 1,000 calligraphy links, all cultures, a labour of love and extrordinarily comprehensive.
Traditional Japanese Calligraphy Takase Studios
Communication Systems in Korea - links to Korean calligraphy, language, alphabet, Han'gul, script.
Bodleian Library - Oxford University, old European illuminated manuscripts, terrific image catalogue.
Book of Hours Valencia - European illuminated manuscripts.
Institut du Monde Arabe situated inParis, the architecture of the building alone is worth a look.
The Sabanci Collection Simply the most astounding collection of Turkish/Ottoman calligraphy in the world.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - A stunning collection of Islamic manuscripts, so beautiful they'll makes you swoon.
Original manuscripts, diverse and lovely.
Bismillah collection of Arabic Calligraphy.
Arab Gateway: writing and Calligraphy - excellent links to more Arabic calligraphy.
Islamic Calligraphy - lots of examples.
Scripts Ancient and Arcane - fact and fantasy, lots of clickable illustrations.
Alphabytes - Calligraphy links, mainly modern Western.
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Seals, Chops and Materials

Chinese Seals - Chop-making in Taiwan.
Chinapage - general article on seals.
Oriental writing materials - links to paper, ink sticks, brushes, inkstones, etc.
The history of washi, Japanese paper-making techniques.
Chopa Imports - materials for calligraphy, oriental arts and crafts from all over Asia. Based in Boulder, USA.
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Art, galleries, art research

Hung Li Internet Art Gallery - The Hong Kong Hung Li Calligraphy & Painting Society, many unknown gems to be found.
Hong Kong Arts Centre - Self-financing and non-profit making arts organization, aiming to maximize the development of contemporary arts in Hong Kong.
Department of Fine Art Hong Kong University - links to the Arts in Hong Kong.
Para/Site - run by independent artists in Hong Kong and supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
Chinapage - index page to literature and art sites
The Art of Tibet, Himalayan Art Project - dedicated to preserving the sacred Buddhistart of the Himalayas, beautiful site with noble aims.
Asian Arts updated lists of galleries, art and archaological projects.
Electronic Beowulf Project - using technology to probe beneath the surface of ancient documents. Wonderful images.
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Related History

Treaty of Nanking 1842 - Read the actual wording of the treaty.
Hong Kong Museum of History.
Marx/Engels, Articles on China - A contemporary view of the 'European-Chinese' war, these articles by both Marx and Engels appeared between 1853 and 1860, in the New York Daily Tribune. Rivetting stuff.
Chinese history - US Library of Congress site, the Army Area Handbook on China.
Chinese History - a very comprehensive listing of links.
The Global History Consortium - World History, Culture and Archaeology of China, Japan, Korea, India, the Middle East and much more. Terrific link sets.
Encyclopaedia Britannica's Internet Guide. You name it, they've got it. Facts and more facts. Well presented.
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China and Asian Studies

Internet Guide for China Studies - Covers just about any China-related subject you can think of.
Hong Kong WWW Virtual Library - Very good selection of Hong Kong-related references.
The Asian Studies WWW Monitor - Excellent source for most subject references for the whole of Asia.
Marjorie Chan's China Links - the most comprehensive listing of Chinese language and linguistics links, and references.
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General Related

English and Chinese translation tools - with an online English to Chinese dictionary. - Genealogy, Dictionary, Readings, Chinese characters and culture, including forums (in English).
Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall - the art of grafitti.

Human Rights in China - many Chinese and Tibetan links, Islam in China, and more.
The I-Ching Bookmarks - links to all things I-Ching
The Asia Society -

primarily US/Asian related links, very comprehensive.
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Global Art and Research Directories

Internet for the Fine Arts. - Resource directory for art, artists, galleries and collectors.
The World Artist Directory A global directory - 'The interactive Home for World Artists'
The Internet Art Database - Search for contemporary artists.
International Art News - News, galleries, portfolios, marketplace and forums.

| Calligraphy - Chinese and Worldwide | Seals, Chops and Materials
Art, galleries and research | Related History | China and Asian Studies
General Related | Global art and research directories |

To see some source references for this series' website, go to the Sources Page

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