2013Hong Kong history, heritage documents.

Chinese 'Signed and Sealed"

Signed and Sealed
A unique and highly original portfolio of Fine Art
Lithographs by Pat Elliott Shircore

The History Pages

"Amber Vellum"

The Treaty of Nanking, or Nanjing

Historical overview of the ceding of Hong Kong island and limited adjacent territory to Britain by China.

The People, 1842

The faces behind the government officials who signed the Treaty.

The Tsungli Yamen, 1860

The founding of the Chinese Foreign Office.

The Convention of Peking

How and why Britain's land rights were extended by lease for a period of 99 years, until 1997.

The People, 1898

Pictures of the main signatory officials, both Chinese and British.


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Signed and Sealed
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Chinese 'Signed and Sealed"