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Tapestry Blend

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Since June 1997, Pat has held six solo exhibitions of this portfolio in Hong Kong, at LKF the Gallery (top and bottom right) and the Foreign Correspondents' Club, during the Handover in 1997, and subsequently at the China Tee Club and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for the IMF World Bank Conference. In 1998, a private exhibition was held in London at the Anna-Mei Chadwick Gallery.

The series was exhibited during August 1999 to 2002 as part of The Edinburgh International Internet Festival. and has been exhibited at Gallery Opus, Hong Kong, frequently.

'Signed and Sealed' is a portfolio of 30 works of art created by blending extracts from the original ornate legal documents that marked the beginning and end of Hong Kong's colonial history. They derive from the Treaty of Nanking of 1842 when China ceded Hong Kong to Britain, and the Second Convention of Peking of 1898, when the area under British rule was extended by lease for 99 years.

Printed traditionally onto soft, hand-torn Terreus cotton-rag paper, the signed Limited Edition of 97 pieces have wide margins, hand-torn edges and are embossed with the printer's imprimatur.

First exhibition during the Handover 1997

Gallery Opus on the Opening Night.

LKF the Gallery.

'Signed and Sealed' has been exhibited at:

LKF the Gallery, solo, 24th June - 31st July 1997

The Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong, solo, 26th June - 31st October 1997

China Tee Club, solo, 7th August - 31st August 1997

IMF World Bank Conference, solo, 15th September - 25th September 1997

Gallery Opus, solo, November 1997 opening of permanent exhibition

Anna-Mei Chadwick Gallery, London U.K., January 26th - February 14th 1998

Edinburgh International Internet Festival 99, 1st August - 31st August 1999

The Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong, 1st July - 31st December 1999

Edinburgh International Internet Festival 2000 14th August - 30th September 2000

Gallery Opus, solo, May 26th - July 18th 2001

Edinburgh International Internet Festival 2002 15th August - 30th September 2002

Selected framed pieces are available for temporary exhibition occasionally, please email us for details.

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Signed and Sealed
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