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 The Artist

Pat Elliott Shircore was born in England but spent the first three years of her life in Hong Kong, an experience which, although now barely remembered, must have had a lasting influence on her future. As a child, her family travelled a great deal before settling first in South Wales and then Richmond in South West London.

She trained at Kingston College of Art in graphic design and illustration before setting up her own company with a wide client base.

In 1980 she left Britain and spent two years travelling extensively drawing, painting and photographing in South East Asia, Australia and China. In fact her visit to Hong Kong was intended merely as the launching point from which to get the necessary paperwork to take the slow boat to Shanghai; it turned out to be very much more than that.

To her surprise, Hong Kong seemed instantly familiar to her, and its central position within Asia meant that the surrounding countries, with their enormous cultural diversity, were easily accessible.

In the twenty-odd years that Pat has lived in Hong Kong, she has worked mainly in the field of publishing and has contributed front cover illustrations, book and magazine designs, even cartoons, for a varied assortment of clients, specializing in corporate histories.

It was at this point that she invested in a sophisticated computer system and since then much of her work has been produced digitally.

Her involvement with the historical records of companies in South East Asia allowed her privileged access to little-known photographic archives and this has led to an even greater interest in the wider story of the development of the region, especially Hong Kong.

Pat lived and worked in Shek O for 12 years, one of Hong Kong Island's last remaining villages where rural Chinese traditions are a way of life for the local inhabitants. Old wooden charcoal rice ovens stand in alleyways and the temple is still the focal point for many families; on any random day a lion dance, paper horse or mound of barbequed pigs could be blocking the road.

It has provided a wonderfully colourful yet serene environment for Pat to develop her work, within a community that has evolved and survived intact all the changes of the last hundred and fifty years.

Pat now lives in lovely Tong Fook Village, near Cheung Sha on Lantau.

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