Appliqué Dance

12. Appliqué Dance

This series is available for corporate and personal sales.

Click the picture for close-up detail alongside a medium-sized picture. Chop of the representatives of the Tsungli Yamen, or Chinese Foreign Office, with their member's signatures attached, Li Hung-Chang and Hsu Ting-Kuei, on a background of the first page of the Lease granting an extension of territory by lease for ninety nine years.(Convention of Peking 1898)

List Price: HK$4910.00 US$630.00

Image Size: H 493mm x W 330mm
Total Size with border: H 603mm x W 440mm

Signed Limited Edition of 97 pieces from the series "Signed and Sealed" by Pat Elliott Shircore

Lithographs on Terreus cotton rag paper. Wide borders with hand-torn edges, embossed bottom right with printer's imprimatur. See example.

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