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A unique and highly original portfolio of signed Fine Art
Limited Edition Lithographs by Pat Elliott Shircore


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From the series: No.1 Rock and Ink

"Signed and Sealed" is a series of 30 Limited Edition Lithographs by artist, Pat Elliott Shircore.

The images were created by blending extracts from the original documents marking the beginning and end of Hong Kong's colonial history, the Treaty of Nanking (or Nanjing as it is now called) of 1842, when China ceded Hong Kong 'in perpetuity' to Britain, and the Second Convention of Peking of 1898, when the area under British rule was extended by lease for 99 years.

On June 30th 1997, the date of the Hong Kong Handover, that lease expired, the British renounced all claims to the territory and Hong Kong was handed back to China. This series of work pays tribute to Hong Kong's heritage and explores the surprisingly harmonious mixture of signatures, seals and the individual cultural mores which shine through every page of the legal documents as an unwitting expression of Hong Kong's rich multi-cultural legacy, both British and Chinese.

Through the fusion of images, textures, colours and tones, the artist has created a truly dynamic series of pieces. Pat has blended individual elements from the parchments which contain a wealth of beautiful calligraphy and artefacts.

She worked from laser colour copies of the original documents which she found and researched at the Public Records Office in London. The series was traditionally printed lithographically onto soft, hand-torn Terreus paper, with wide borders embossed with the printer's imprimatur, and produced as a signed Limited Edition of 97 pieces.

The artist chose to effect the creative process on the computer, the only way in which to preserve the individual integrity of characters, seals, textures and chops. This allowed her to do something which, until recently, would have been deemed impossible, providing the ability to capture the original ingredients of the documents with complete exactitude, whilst allowing the flexibility to manoeuvre images to the limits of imagination.

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